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Amidst the digitally-driven business environment, the use of technology is inevitable as well as integral. But while using various technologies, what matters is the value those technologies deliver! So, welcome to Trinesis, a place of passionate technologists who leverage technology to make wonders work.

Trinesis is where ideas, concepts, innovations, and technologies converge. We are a technology products and solutions provider with two essential purposes – enabling companies to accelerate their journey to digital transformation and helping them leverage technology optimally.

While we call ourselves product and solution providers, we believe in walking the extra mile to empower and take product development to the next level.

Thus, we do not merely take up projects and deliver them. Instead, we carefully review and invest thought and time in innovating, designing, developing, and customizing the product to the T. Our expertise, innovative thought process, and extensive capabilities enable us to create products that truly make the difference!

Connect with us to explore our vast product portfolio and track record. Join the Trinesis client family. Prepare to outperform your competitors and place yourself at the vanguard of the digital revolution!
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Sunny Kumar

( CTO )

Deepak Tewatia

( CIO )

Avinash Kumar Mallik

( CEO )

John Nolt

( ADV, Product )

Larry Stewart

( VP Sales )

Ashish Pratap

(International Business Manager)

Priti Gawade

(Frontend Lead)

Kapil Gaikwad

(API Expert)

Deepak Bhangale

(R & D Lead)

Digvijaysing Rajput

(Backend Lead)

Pandurang Kendre

(Quality Assurance Expert)

Akil B.

(Design Head)