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First let’s start with

What is product discovery process?

The product discover process has three distinct parts.


First it includes developing a profound understanding of your users (Empathize).

Process: A list of user needs and challenges.


Second using that knowledge to generate innovative ideas that your product can soothe the users pain and meet business goals (Ideate).

Process: Listing down the negative feelings when the problems are unsolved, and the positive feelings when the problems are solved. Based on the feelings, come up with a solution.

User Story Mapping

The third by using all user stories to develop a structure of the app or the platform to achieve product excellence (User Story Mapping).

Process: To create a story map, teams use sticky notes, white boards, and open wall space. This also helps the team stay on topic and on task.

Found your “Awesome Product.” What’s next?

Prototyping - Make it real & see how it works

Stuck with a thought or an idea in your mind, you can always come to us and we will help you transform your ideas to “Awesome Products.”

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The earlier you test it, the better. This helps you to save time and money.

Prototype should be real enough to get an authentic response in order to validate or invalidate a hypothesis.

The end goal is to find out if the product is smooth sailing as planned or not. And sometimes you may even come up with new or better ideas to solve a problem.

Looking great so far! The next step

UI Design

We as a team of UI/UX designers are every ready to take on a challenge to create some stunning interfaces from scratch for new custom products or provide improved and creative UI design for already existing apps.
Using some of the best tools in the market, for example: