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Start your digital journey by creating smooth and secure web applications with dedicated product teams.

Best way to reach customers

What is web development?

Designed To Be Interactive

Intuitive design and the best UI/UX solutions proposed by our designers will make your web app engaging and easy to use. Web apps also promote reactivation thanks to the browsers’ notification system and the easily accessible icon on home screens of mobile devices.

Build Using Top Technologies

Keeping up with the new and leading technologies is crucial when working on a web app and making it progressive and secure. Our highly qualified developer teams are up for the job!

Integrated With Other Systems

Web apps can be easily accessed on various devices and are adaptable in terms of screen size and dimension. What’s more, they give you an opportunity to collect customers' behaviour data thanks to GA integration to improve your services even more.

Customizable & Scalable

The best web apps should be able to serve efficient growth of your business and handle the increase of users and load.

Done once, lasts longer

Plan While Developing A Web Application

Web development is a smart business strategy. With current technologies, it’s a common practice to share the backend infrastructure across multiple platforms. Thanks to that, once prepared, business logic can power web applications, mobile versions and even support wearable devices like watches by sharing and synchronizing critical data across cloud API.

Divide and conquer

Who should be on your development team?

Product Designer

Creates a vision for an engaging product, backed by years of experience and UX/UI expertise.

Frontend Developer

Keeps adjusting the visual part of the application to the new browsers and devices on the market.

Backend Developer

Responsible for business logic & calculations in the background & ensuring the technology stack updates do not disrupt them.


Ensures high quality of the application & spots any uncertainties early in the development process.

Backend Developer

Coordinates the whole process, keeping an eye on what’s most important for you and your business.

Proven product workflow

What does web app development look like?

Optimal technology stack

Choosing the right web development technology

Web development languages we use:

Web development tools we use:

Efficiency comes with experience

Quality ensuring development practices

Pull Requests

are part of the code review stage during the development. They provide more stable code, good communication between developers and seamless, faster testing.

Static Code Analysis

helps find weaknesses in the code and means analyzing the code without executing it to find bugs as soon as possible.

Automated Tests

enable higher test coverage, save time and guarantee faster feedback that leads to overall more effective development.


thanks to the implementation of Scrum methodology and daily meetings, the whole team collaborates through shared understanding during the development, and everyone can react quickly if problems arise.

Work with the best

What services should a good web development company provide

Streamlined, clear design

is essential for the user, but also in further development. Good UI and UX practices and the right tools ensure seamless communication between the developers and designers and are the base of every project.

Accessibility standards

ensure that the products are designed with an adequate level of accessibility in line with WCAG 2.0 recommendations to prevent discrimination and make the web app open to everyone.

Transparent procedures

and ongoing insight into the project’s progress, meaning budget used, time and resources management, should be provided to guarantee successful collaboration and mutual trust between the client and the web development company.

Fast and accurate QA

including cross-browser and cross-platform testing, to get maximum user satisfaction no matter the web browser or the device they’re using. High-quality QA is crucial for proper web app development.

App performance

management is necessary to ensure that the app works properly. Cloud apps give a lot of freedom to scale applications horizontally and handle thousands of users and guarantee optimal performance. Cloud infrastructure should be set up by GCP & AWS certified developers experienced with database design and know what it takes to scale them.

App maintenance

is essential for the user, but also in further development. Good UI and UX practices and the right tools ensure seamless communication between the developers and designers and are the base of every project.