Looking for a Angular development company?

We are your trusted and battle-tested Partner

Why our Angular team is so happy and flexible?

We care for our Clients as well as for our people. Over the last few years, we've created an excellent environment and workflows for fast and efficient development, not only for digital products, but also our teams!

Proven deployment workflow

We build innovative, user-centric products using cutting-edge frameworks and architectures. We then deploy them to highly scalable, cloud-powered environments, thereby ensuring stability.

Best development workflow practices

We start with understanding the problem and gathering requirements, we design the database structure and API, and then we plan how to integrate new features (microservice or an integrated part of the app). Automated tests, coding and code reviews are our everyday life.

Focus on talent growth

We let our Angular developers grow by focusing on both hard and soft skills. We have built a talent management programme, tailored to each seniority level. We believe in constant mentoring of all employees, regardless of their role, and a right team structure with highly-educated leaders.

War-proven Angular developers

We can provide you with a highly-skilled and dedicated Angular team that is 100% focused on your product. All of our Angular developers went through an exhaustive hiring process and have been tested on previous projects.

We ensure code quality by using the best development practices such as CI/CD, code reviews, pair programming, TDD (test driven development), regular refactoring and a single coding standard, to which all programmers adhere.

Hire top 5% Angular developer or make it a team!

We are not an ordinary Angular development company — our mission is to build robust, highly scalable and performant applications with great user experience in mind.

Best practices & tools

To build interactive applications we use tools that guarantee quality and modularity. The tools the developer’s community has trusted are TypeScript, RxJS, NgRx, Nrwl/Nx to name a few.

Application testing

We ensure a high standard of applications and significantly reduce future costs or development time.

Workflow automation

From development to production in no time. Workflow automation helps us shorten the development phase and go-to-market time, while significantly increasing productivity.

Why use Angular in web app development?

Security confirmed by the industry giants

Angular, developed by an autonomous team at Google, is not only a show-off tool. It is now used by Google in hundreds of internal applications. Every new release is battle-tested by them first, which guarantees that we are using a stable solution.

Cross-platform apps

It is not just a framework. It’s a fully fledged development platform for building cross-platform, mobile and desktop applications. It supports progressive web applications (PWA), providing out of the box mobile-like experiences, high performance and offline working applications.

Opinionated and flexible

Angular provides us with solutions, best practices and style guides on how we should build applications in an efficient and scalable way. It comes with robust tools, like an animation API for high performance, complex choreographies or internationalization solutions making applications user-friendly to audiences worldwide.

Want to know more about Angular?

What is Angular?

When a framework is maintained by Google, we know that we should at least get interested. Angular helps us with many development issues. It provides a component-driven architecture in a way it is supposed to be done, it simplifies app development in terms of user interface, it uses directives to bring additional functionality to HTML, it’s flexible with pipes, it takes care of DOM manipulations and dependency injection. And we can write less, while accomplishing more.

In software development, it is important to use solutions that will not disappear in the next few years. That is where Angular comes into play. It is also important to build software that is understandable for all developers in a team, as it increases productivity and decreases development costs. Our team is a group of highly intelligent and creative individuals with strong technical skills. They are all about building great products. And they can do that efficiently with Angular, a development platform built for elegant and rapid development of mobile and desktop applications.

What can you build in Angular?

Angular is a perfect platform for building any kind of application: web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop. Angular code can be written once and reused across all platforms.
With the aid of technologies like NativeScript, Electron or baked-in solutions for progressive web applications (PWA), it is easy to achieve maximum performance on mobile, web, desktop platforms. The Angular Universal tool for server-side rendered pages (SSR) can generate a static version of an application, which facilitates web crawlers (SEO).

Angular comes with many developer productivity tools, which speeds up the whole development process. Command-line tools for code generation, internationalization API which makes applications available in multiple languages or built-in protections against common web vulnerabilities, like cross-site scripting attacks. The Angular platform provides solutions for routing and code splitting, ensuring that applications load quickly.

The Angular platform is a versatile solution, but large scale applications are where Angular really shines. Modules and components are first-class citizens. Architecture based on these provides endless possibilities for horizontal scaling.