7 Reasons Why AngularJS Framework is the Future of Software Development

Discover Why AngularJS Is Essential for Building Modern Web Applications

AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript-based open-source frameworks. It has been around since as early as the 90s. The core purpose of AngularJS is to build great web applications. According to industry reports, AngularJS has over a million live websites and many web redirects. Additionally, as of 2022, about 20 percent of developers worldwide prefer AngularJS to develop web applications.

AngularJS’s features are as intriguing as its statistics. These features continue to drive its success as a web development framework. Some also believe these features could make AngularJS software development’s future.

​1. Straightforward Command Line Interface (CLI)

AngularJS simplifies the overall development process with its straightforward and quick CLI. It does this by automating processes like app initialization and configuration. AngularJS CLI allows developers to add features within a few minutes. In addition, users can perform end-to-end testing for individual components and the software product with a few commands.

​2. Ivy Renderer for Server-Side Rendering

AngularJS offers Ivy Renderer that converts the code into basic JavaScript instructions for the browser to interpret or display. Its Tree Shaking is an effective technique that helps eliminate unused chunks of code. Thus, it reduces the application’s weight and expedites the loading pace. In addition, ivy rendering also allows memory-constrained platforms to perform optimally.

​3. Component-Based Architecture

With Angular, developers work on a component-based architectural foundation. It involves developing an application by building a tree of cohesive components. These components comprise elements with associated functionalities. Thus, the summed-up components provide a clean API to the application involved.

4. Efficient Integration

AngularJS seamlessly integrates with other libraries when implemented for web 
development projects. Its integration comes with pre-built frameworks like Ionic, Wijmo, and Telerik’s Kendo UI. In addition, AngularJS has better IDEs that enable instant error tracking that helps expedite the web development process. Besides, it offers various templates that allow quicker UI development.

5. Two-Way Data Binding

Another reason for AngularJS’s popularity includes two-way data binding. It refers to the action when an event triggers the framework in the web browser. It can make the module and the user actions on the web page update and change the required patterns. Two-way binding enables the application to simplify its presentation layer, thus leading to a more straightforward approach to DOM display for UI development.

6. Declarative Coding Model

AngularJS’s declarative coding model helps generate frequently accessible
designs that lead to lightweight code that the development team can quickly write and read. It uses the HTML source to describe the application’s UI, as it is
declarative, intuitive, and uses a less complex language.

7. Dependency Injection

Dependency injection is a design format that involves one object providing dependency on another. It defines the relationship between all modules and elements in one class. It also explains how changes in one type can impact the functionality of others.

Dependency injection enhances the app code’s readability and improves its maintainability. It reduces testing time and development costs. Besides, developers can replace any nozzles in the design without reconfiguring other components.

Key Takeaways Why AngularJS is the Future of Software Development

In a nutshell, these reasons make AngularJS the future of software development.

  • Lowered development costs
  • Reduced development time
  • Simplified development process
  • Seamless integration with other libraries
  • Lightweight and quick applications
  • UI templates for faster UI development

AngularJS is undoubtedly a valuable addition to your IT landscape. We hope these insights serve your purpose. Connect with us if you look to develop robust, scalable, and uber web applications with AngularJS. With our product design discovery approach, extensive expertise, and developer talent, we can deliver outstanding and fully value-driven web applications for your business.

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