Benefits of Angular for Businesses and Web Development Teams

Did you know Angular is the framework behind the scenes for companies like PayPal, Upwork, Forbes, Gmail, etc.? Besides, did you also know that about 32 percent of developers use Angular or AngularJS for web and mobile app development? But what makes Angular the preferred choice among global enterprises and web developers? Angular doesn’t give one but many reasons. Let’s look at six of them.

6 Advantages of Angular for Businesses and Web Development Teams

Here are six benefits that put Angular at the helm of user satisfaction of various web and mobile platforms across the web.

​1. Enhanced Functionality

Why is Angular better for web development? That’s a valid question. One of the many reasons is functionality. Angular offers out-of-the-box functionality. While providing tools for routing, its pre-configured environment enables development and testing.

While working with Angular, you don’t have to integrate third-party libraries in your technology stack to create basic functionalities. Angular has its official library that allows you to develop secure and flawless quality code. All these aspects reduce the overall app development time, cost, and effort. Thus, it can help reduce the time to market!

​2. Consistent Code and Straightforward Testing

Codebases significantly depend on consistent and well-executed coding. Inconsistent coding leads to poor quality and increased development costs. It results in losses for the company on all accounts.But that’s not the problem with Angular, which offers consistent coding and simplifies using the website.

In addition, templates and pre-defined code snippets work as a significant benefit for companies and web developers alike.

​3. Increased Productivity

In the case of Angular, increased productivity also pivots on its code consistency. Developers don’t have to spend time figuring out what a utility, function, or component does, as Angular takes care of all of it. In addition, Angular enables companies to divide people across teams while ensuring that the code remains organized and contributes to enhancing productivity and accurate modules.

​4. Clear Code with TypeScript

TypeScript is Angular’s base language. It is strongly typed and allows developers to keep the code neat and clean. Neater and cleaner codes translate to better-performing apps. It also helps simplify bug-fixing. Developers can identify and rectify code errors while typing the latter. Managing and maintaining large codebase is another vital benefit.

​5. Angular Material

Angular Material is a set of extensively tested and ready-to-use UI modules and components. It includes buttons, navigation patterns, form controls, and indicators. These components are aligned to function better with browsers. In addition, these modules simplify the design workflow, helping users add new elements and accelerate web and mobile app development significantly.

​6. Declarative UI

Angular uses HTML to determine an app’s UI. HTML is known for being less complex than JavaScript. It has intuitive and declarative capabilities and presents directives such as ng-repeat, ng-model, and ng-app. Thus, developers don’t have to spend time working around program flows. They only have to define the requirements well and allow Angular to manage the rest of the work.

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