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A Model for Product Innovation

Innovations are at the heart of every business. These innovations fuel a company’s progress and establish its unique position across its competition. Thus, without innovations, a company is likely to stagnate or remain merely a follower throughout. We’re sure you know this, which is why you are here!

So, let’s say you have a novel idea in your mind. You’ve been toying with it for a while. As your baby, you love it and are optimistic about it. But is it resonating enough for your target audience? How do you know if the idea is indeed worth and helpful? Answering these questions is necessary to achieve success. We believe product discovery design can help. Let’s see how.

What is Product Discovery Design?

Your product isn’t valuable if you do not know how your users will respond to it. This holds true, especially in cases where designing and launching a new product is involved. Introducing it without assessing its user response may prove disastrous. You cannot gamble with your hard-earned money and invest in something about which you are uncertain and your users clueless!

Thus, the product discovery design proves a crucial step. It involves imagining, creating, and iterating products to the needs and pain points of customers within a particular market. It helps you with insights that enable you to stitch an informed product more likely to resonate with the users and succeed.

Discovery – The Keyword!

Product discovery is the first phase in product development. It aims to assess assumptions related to your users’ problems, gather the information that validates the idea, and decide on the design steps to follow. 

Usually, product discovery is undertaken by product teams, UX designers, stakeholders, and UI/UX researchers. These are people who closely work with users to meet their expectations. 

The process helps them define a particular problem, discover potential solutions, and develop a value-driven prototype that represents the actual product. 

Thus, it helps discover and compute how feasible a particular idea is and how users will respond to it should it be launched. The idea is to bank upon an outcome-driven innovation framework that has helped over 80 percent of companies succeed.

The Process of Product Discovery

Product discovery adopts a very organized approach to validate the viability of a particular idea. It involves various steps that lead stakeholders to the practical feasibility of a particular idea within its target audience. Every company may have its unique process of product discovery with slight changes to the basic one. But typically, this is what the process of product discovery involves.

  • Understand the Needs

This is the first step where the product discovery empathizes with the client’s requirements and looks at their idea from their lens. It is done to understand the needs thoroughly to further define it and set the solution trajectory.

  • Research and Collaborate

This process involves inter-departmental collaboration to come up with various solutions supporting the client’s original idea. This is a critical process, as it is here that the solution is devised, internally approved and explained to the client.

  • Prototype the Solution

Once the client approves the solution, the team creates a prototype that matches the actual product’s features and functionalities and presents it to the client.

  • Launch the MVP

On approval, the MVP is launched to a specific set of users representing the target audience. The users use the MVP and provide feedback.

  • Gather User Feedback

Relevant feedback is gathered and reviewed carefully to identify user pain points, negative feedback and suggestions. All of it is reported to the concerned stakeholders to help them determine how feasible their idea is in the real world.

  • Implement it During Production

If user feedback encourages actual production, the MVP goes into the production process to hit the market more confidently and in an informed way.

Why is Product Discovery Significant for Every Innovation?

Innovations cannot remain on paper forever. Companies need to transform them into reality before they turn redundant. But innovations that don’t benefit people are useless. They may shine as concepts but won’t make it to the real world. 

Product discovery, with its fundamental ideology of helping companies discover what users feel about an idea, helps determine if a particular innovation is useful and viable and if the company should proceed with it or not. 

But what’s vital here is that they help with early feedback on product-market fit without requiring companies to invest in it a lot. Thus, it allows companies to adjust and align their concept to the market and make them more saleable. The idea is to create a need-based solution and not a concept-oriented one.

The Importance of User Feedback in Product Discovery Design

Gone are those days when companies had very little choice beyond what their vendors used to offer. These days, customers drive innovations, products, and thus the market. Their feedback is of paramount importance as it is their views and opinions that set the direction and shape the product. 

Accordingly, here are some vital points that specify the significance of user feedback in product discovery design.

  • Help innovators assess real-time customer needs
  • Make users part of development without directly involving them
  • Decipher a product’s customer appeal through an MVP
  • Implementing feedback can drive a success!

Is Product Discovery a Milestone?

No. Product discovery isn’t a milestone but a continuous process. It is because consumer needs keep evolving and so do those of the market. Amidst a dynamic business environment like this, you cannot innovate and keep quiet. Your product must evolve with time and technology. But it must undergo the product discovery cycle every time it evolves to stay aligned with user needs.

Assess the Viability of Your Idea with Trinesis Product Discovery Design

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