Top 10 Key Reasons Why You Should Use React for Web Development

ReactJS, a JavaScript library created by Facebook, powers a well over 200,000 active websites across the internet. But what drove all these websites to use ReactJS? And, what’s driving many more in the pipeline to use React? Let’s find out ten reasons to use React for web development.

1. Virtual DOM

DOM is a document object model. It is formed when the page is loaded. Making any changes to the individual element attributes requires loading the whole HTML structure. But ReactJS eliminates the need to load the HTML structure.

A virtual DOM always remains loaded. It allows interaction with a web application while it is updating and without harming any of its parts. In addition, Virtual DOM reduces the webpage loading time, resulting in a better user experience.

2. Reusable Components

With reusable components, you define the component and use it several times. These reusable components expedite the development process, thus increasing production efficiency. So, with ReactJS, you can develop apps quickly.

3. SEO-Friendliness

When it comes to SEO, ReactJS proves to be useful, as it is lightweight and stable. Thus, it helps reduce page loading time. Google loves pages that load quickly!

4. Update-Friendly

React offers a quick refresh functionality. Thus, you don’t have to click the refresh button every time you intend to view site updates. React’s Quick Refresh runs as soon as your React project is saved in the code editor. It proves to be useful while working on the website’s finer aspects. The results are quickly viewable on the browser as soon as a change is done to the code.

5. Extensive ReactJS Community

ReactJS has extensive community support. Hence, web or mobile app development using React isn’t a problem. Besides, because JavaScript is used, there are several JS libraries available, thus simplifying web creation.

6. Comprehensive Toolset

React Developer Tools with Redux Development Tools offer convenient capacities while easily installing them and using them as regular Chrome extensions. They also help efficiently inspect React-based hierarchy components, view state changes, and check dispatch actions promptly in the extension.

7. Flux and Redux Power

Flux-based software architecture was first introduced by the creators of Facebook. It enabled standard React components with unidirectional flow capacities and provided for a better structure of options.

A central dispatcher orchestrates created actions and updates stores. Further, it updates the views per store changes. The data remains in stores without being duplicated. It helps you keep all model data synchronized throughout the application without going far. 

But then, Flux is merely an architectural pattern. It is used in the front end for a convenient UI design workflow. Hence, it cannot be used as a full-fledged library. 

This is precisely where Redux comes into the picture with a convenient Flux implementation. It offers a single store object to manage the application’s data, thus simplifying underlying data management manipulations.

8. Straightforward Development Workflow

ReactJS’s library’s optimized development interface and coding language. So, the API of ReactJS is reinforced with quick performance capacities to achieve a seamless development workflow. Besides, unlike Angular and Vue, ReactJS does not have a load of additional HTML attributes. So, through the application of JSX into JavaScript, React offers a more readable and comprehensive code.

9. Flexibility and Compatibility

React can be used across various platforms. It is because React is a library by nature that primarily helps create web design elements and components.

10. Direct HTML Use

React allows the direct use of HTML in the JSX form. It enables writing the HTML code directly into the JavaScript code.

In addition, ReactJS is simpler to learn and use. It offers various training resources to help any developer from a JavaScript background understand and start creating web applications. Thus, while expediting the development part, ReactJS is easier to learn and hence very popular for web development.

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