Developing a Robust University Administration Module for Enhanced EdTech Engagement

How Trinesis Built a Secure, Scalable Solution for Managing University Data and User Roles


Client: A US-based EdTech company aiming to create a mobile app for engaging university students and providing expert career advice.

Project: Development of a robust University Administration Module to manage university data, user roles, content reporting, and integrate various APIs.

Objective: To design and implement a comprehensive admin panel that allows seamless management of universities, users, and content, ensuring secure access and efficient data handling.


  1. Complex User Management: The system required multiple user roles, including Admin and University-Admin, each with specific permissions and capabilities.
  2. Data Integration: Integration of IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) data and ensuring its availability for university admins.
  3. Content Management: Handling video content reporting and ensuring accurate storage and retrieval of reported videos.
  4. Security: Implementing robust authentication mechanisms to secure access to sensitive university and user data.
  5. Scalability: Ensuring the system can handle multiple users and universities, with the ability to scale as the user base grows.


Trinesis approached these challenges with a structured and phased implementation plan, focusing on developing a secure, scalable, and efficient University Administration Module.

Key Features and Implementations

  1. Secure Authentication and User Management:

    1. Implemented JSON Web Token (JWT) based authentication to ensure secure user access.
    2. Managed user authentication and authorization for different roles.
  2. User Roles and Permissions:

    1. Developed a robust user role system to differentiate between Admin and University-Admin.
    2. Extended the user model to include additional roles and university associations.
    3. Implemented permissions for APIs to ensure role-based access control.
  3. Comprehensive University Data Management:

    1. Created a comprehensive model for storing university data.
    2. Developed APIs for creating, reading, updating, and deleting university data.
  4. IPEDS Data Integration and Management

    1. Integrated IPEDS data into the system, allowing university admins to view and manage data specific to their institution.
    2. Developed APIs for managing IPEDS data.
  5. Efficient Content Reporting System:

    1. Created a model for storing reported video content.
    2. Developed APIs for managing video content reporting (CRUD operations).
  6. Admin Panel:

    1. Designed and implemented a user-friendly admin panel for managing users, universities, and content.
    2. Included features like search, filter, and detailed views for managing data effectively.
  7. Streamlined Project Setup and Deployment:

    1. Set up the initial project structure, including media file settings, database settings, and API configurations.
    2. Dockerized the application for consistent development, testing, and production environments.
    3. Set up a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, S3, and CodeDeploy to automate the build, test, and deployment processes.
    4. Deployed the application on multiple EC2 instances for development, QA, and staging environments.
  8. Robust Unit Testing for Reliability:

    1. Developed unit tests for CRUD operations across all major functionalities, ensuring code quality and reliability.
    2. Implemented tests for authentication, user roles, university data, content reporting, and IPEDS data.

Results and Impact

  1. Enhanced Security:
    1. The implementation of JWT authentication and role-based access control ensured secure access to sensitive data.
  2. Efficient Data Management:
    1. The admin panel provided a seamless interface for managing university data, user roles, and reported content, improving operational efficiency.
  3. Scalable Solution:
    1. The system was designed to handle multiple universities and user roles, with the ability to scale as the user base grows.
  4. Automated Deployment:
    1. The CI/CD pipeline automated the build and deployment processes, reducing manual effort and minimizing deployment errors.
  5. Robust Testing:
    1. Comprehensive unit tests ensured the reliability and stability of the system, leading to fewer bugs and smoother operations.


Trinesis successfully developed a comprehensive University Administration Module for the client, addressing key challenges and providing a secure, scalable, and efficient solution. The Module's robust features and seamless integration capabilities have empowered the client to manage universities, users, and content effectively, setting a strong foundation for future growth and innovation in the EdTech space.

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