Efficient Web Admin Dashboard & Enhanced Pick-Up Tracking Algorithm-

Helping a Hunger Relief Firm Serve Society Better!

About the Client

The firm is a US-based hunger relief solution firm. It works with foundations, government, businesses and sports teams to provide quality food to local communities. The firm’s hunger relief solutions include Pop-Up Grocery Markets, Grocery and Meal Delivery services, Student Snackpacks, and Grocery Stores. The firm also provides food waste solutions that include Holistic Waste Management, Surplus Food Recovery and Organics Recycling.

About the Problem

They  had a problem with its mobile application.  Some common issues included,

  • Inefficient web admin dashboard
  • Delayed order tracking and reporting

These concerns were impeding routine pickup, delivery and logistical operations. Consequently, it was hampering the firm’s performance across the chain.

Trinesis’s Solution

Connecting with us helped the client in many ways. While working on the firm’s mobile app, we helped it streamline its various aspects. Our developers performed a root cause analysis of every issue, and crafted solutions while leveraging the product discovery design to align the design and uproot the issues.

Thus, we helped the client with the following.

  • Improve the web admin dashboard with .NET/C#
  • Enhance backend APIs with Angular

We also streamlined the functional aspect of the firm’s mobile app by leveraging React Native’s capabilities. It included,

  • Creating a new user onboarding workflow
  • Enhancing the pick-up tracking algorithm
  • Making order tracking and reporting in real-time

Our solution also involved working on the firm’s Microsoft Azure cloud migration. We helped the client swiftly move its data from the existing legacy system to Microsoft Azure. In addition, our scope involved implementing advanced monitoring dashboards for the development team, clients and product owners. It enabled seamless and efficient cloud billing and use.

Our Result

  • increase in pickup efficiency
  • Real-time reporting and tracking
  • Transparent and live dashboard view
  • rise in logistical performance

About Trinesis

We are a digital transformation service and solutions company. Our principal areas of expertise include cloud applications, web development, mobile app development, MVP and scrum team augmentation. We follow the product discovery design approach that helps empathize with our client’s problems and provide highly value-driven solutions, slated to deliver tangible results.

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