Enhanced Video Management: The Development of a Comprehensive Video Creation Tool

How Trinesis Transformed Video Content Management with Advanced Search, Reporting, and Real-Time Data Handling


Client: A US-based EdTech company aiming to improve video content management and accessibility for university students and administrators.

Project: Development of a robust Video Creation Tool to manage video content reporting, integrate with IPEDS data, enhance video search capabilities using Elasticsearch, and generate thumbnails using cloud services.

Objective: To create an efficient and scalable video management system that allows easy reporting, searching, and handling of video content, with a focus on enhanced UI/UX and real-time data management.

Key Features and Implementations

1. Video Content Reporting and Management


  • Developed a comprehensive video content reporting system.
  • Enabled users to report, categorize, and manage video content efficiently.
  • Implemented CRUD operations for video content management.


  • Improved video content organization and accessibility.
  • Enhanced user experience through streamlined content management processes.

2. Integration with IPEDS Data


  • Integrated IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) data.
  • Allowed for enhanced data reporting and management based on educational data standards.


  • Ensured compliance with educational data standards.
  • Enabled more detailed and accurate reporting and analysis of video content.

3. Elasticsearch for Video Search


  • Implemented Elasticsearch to enhance video search capabilities.
  • Enabled users to perform quick and accurate searches across large volumes of video content.


  • Significantly improved search performance and user experience.
  • Facilitated easy retrieval of specific video content based on keywords and metadata.

4. Thumbnail Generation using Cloud Services


  • Developed a thumbnail generation service using AWS Transcoder cloud technology.
  • Automated the creation of video thumbnails for better content representation and navigation.


  • Improved visual representation of video content.
  • Enhanced user engagement through visually appealing thumbnails.

5. UI/UX Enhancements and Testing


  • Designed and implemented a user-friendly interface for the Tool.
  • Conducted extensive user testing to gather feedback and improve usability.


  • Delivered a visually appealing and intuitive interface.
  • Improved user satisfaction and engagement through enhanced usability.

6. Real-time Data Handling and Permissions


  • Implemented real-time data handling to ensure up-to-date content management.
  • Developed a robust permission management system to control access to video content.


  • Ensured real-time updates and accurate data representation.
  • Enhanced security and compliance through controlled access to sensitive content.

7. DevOps: Jenkins, CI/CD, Server Setup


  • Set up Jenkins for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).
  • Configured server environments for development, testing, and production.


  • Streamlined the development and deployment process.
  • Ensured reliable and consistent application performance across all environments.

Results and Impact

Enhanced Video Management:

  • The Tool provided a comprehensive solution for managing video content, significantly improving the client’s operational efficiency.

Improved Search and Accessibility:

  • Elasticsearch integration enhanced search capabilities, allowing users to quickly find relevant video content.

Streamlined Deployment and Operations:

  • The implementation of CI/CD pipelines and server setup streamlined the development process, ensuring timely and reliable deployments.

User Satisfaction:

  • The user-friendly interface and real-time data handling resulted in higher user satisfaction and engagement.


Trinesis successfully developed a robust and scalable Video Creation Tool for the client, addressing key challenges and providing a comprehensive solution for video content management. The Tool's advanced features and seamless integration capabilities have empowered the client to manage video content efficiently, ensuring enhanced accessibility and user satisfaction.

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