Helping a Teacher Workflow Tool Launch an MVP Swiftly and Seamlessly

Discover How Trinesis Enabled Rapid MVP Development and User Validation

About the Client

It is a teacher workflow tool that enables efficient and effective classroom management. It covers a teacher’s academic management needs, including tasks and meetings, units and lessons, strategies and resources. It offers a suite of teacher tools in a single tab. It features interactive dashboards, reminders, online classroom tools, calendars, etc. 

About the Problem

The client had the design and unique workflows of this unique and innovative concept ready. But they looked to develop a Minimum Viability Product (MVP) before the actual product launch. In the wake of assuring success, the client intended to check the target audience’s response with an MVP. We helped them.

Trinesis’s Solution

We stepped into the scene with our product design discovery process. Our experts carefully reviewed the existing design and workflow to align a solution that kept both these factors unperturbed. 

Our solution included the following :

  • Working on their web portal with VueJS and backend APIs with Python/Django
  • Building the project from scratch and serving the client’s custom requirement
  • Helping the client set its cloud infrastructure on AWS Cloud

Our Result

The client successfully launched the MVP within  months, which was the mutually agreed timeframe. The MVP met with a substantial response and further paved the way for developing the web portal.

About Trinesis

We are a digital transformation service and solutions company, predominantly working in areas like cloud, web development, mobile app development, MVP and scrum team augmentation. Our product discovery design approach enables us to deliver razor-sharp solutions strategically and tactically aligned with our client’s needs. Not to forget, results, client satisfaction, and user delight remain at the core.

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