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Why should you start with building MVP?

Product UI and UX Testing

UI/UX testing is part of developing an engaging product. Accordingly, we develop user-friendly, quickly responsive and appealing MVPs, slated to impress users.

Build a Monetization Strategy

An MVP acts as a pre-product that provides useful insights concerning user feedback, market response, etc. Such useful information can help you develop a monetization strategy for your product.

Engage Stakeholders and Build Community

An MVP helps you connect with your users and know the way they will use the product to examine your offering. Validating the idea enhances investor and stakeholder’s confidence in the product.

Business Concept Testing

Building an MVP enables you to test your business concept, identify flaws, and enhance your value proposition, aligned with your client needs.

Proof of Concept (1-3 weeks)

The next step is PoC, where we develop an MVP based on lean development methodology. The stage intends to develop a straightforward product, testing it within users, and customizing it to their needs.  

Prototyping (1-3 weeks)

The first step is building MVP is creating a digital prototype tested across various aspects and a detailed analytical report of the workshops. Further, we compare results with competitor benchmarks and continue analyzing. The next phase is where we develop an amazing UI design.

Commercial product (3-6 weeks)

This is the stage where we develop the commercial product in the lean methodology. Our developers build products and integrate it with the existing systems. We adhere to SLAs; user needs and strictly follow the timelines to eventually deliver a product fully aligned with what users need.

How Can Trinises Help with Your MVP?

Review Your Idea

Discuss your idea with us and allow us to review it to explore possibilities and make useful recommendations from our side.

Explore and Plan 

Once we decipher your expectations, we further plan the structure of the product through market research and extensively studying user requirements.

Create a Product 

The next step involves creating MVP wire-frames and designs. We iterate based on the client needs and develop the product’s final shape.

Develop the 

Once the design, wire-frames and structure are finalized, we proceed to develop the MVP. Our Scrum methodology allows us to plan the work in sprints and maintain a flexible scope to accommodate changes mid-way.

Validate the 
Product Market

This is the final step, where we conduct a thorough market validation of the product. We establish analytics and help you align the product to increase the likelihood of its success.

Why Choose Us? 

User-centric approach

We keep your users at the center and craft MVPs that precisely serve their needs. Thus, the MVP resonates with your users and is more likely to succeed when it shapes up into an actual product.

Agile Development

We follow an agile development approach that enables us to deliver MVPs quickly, efficiently and seamlessly.

Diverse Experience

We’ve developed MVPs for products from various industries including FinTech, IoT, healthcare, legal, etc. Such diverse experience has helped us prosper our understanding about various industries and their users.

Business Thinking

We’ve ourselves experienced the struggle of a startup. Thus, we are true startup partners. Accordingly, we apply our business thought process and empathy to help startups grow with products that delight their users.

Top-Notch Talent

We do not compromise on employee quality. We hire only the best in the trade to ensure dedication, responsibility and the best possible results.

Dedicated MVP Development Team

At Trinesis, we are committed to provide you with a dedicated MVP development team. Our developers and testers work with dedication on your product and project to transform them into success.

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