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Why our React Native team is so happy and extremely efficient?

We care for our Clients as well as for our people. Over the last few years, we've created an excellent environment and workflows for fast and efficient development, not only for digital products, but also our teams!

Proven deployment workflow

We build innovative, user-centric products using cutting-edge frameworks and architectures. We then deploy them to highly scalable, cloud-powered environments, thereby ensuring stability.

Best development workflow practices

We start with understanding the problem and gathering requirements, we design the database structure and API, and then we plan how to integrate new features (microservice or an integrated part of the app). Automated tests, coding and code reviews are our everyday life.

Focus on talent growth

We let our React Native developers grow by focusing on both hard and soft skills. We have built a talent management programme, tailored to each seniority level. We believe in constant mentoring of all employees, regardless of their role, and a right team structure with highly-educated leaders.

War-proven React Native developers

We can provide you with a highly-skilled and dedicated React Native team that is 100% focused on your product. All of our React Native developers went through an exhaustive hiring process and have been tested on previous projects.

We ensure code quality by using the best development practices such as CI/CD, code reviews, pair programming, TDD (test driven development), regular refactoring and a single coding standard, to which all programmers adhere.

Hire top 5% React Native developer or make it a team!

We are not an ordinary development team. Our most experienced React Native developers have a background in native iOS & Android development — thanks to that they can use their skills to create top quality, delightful and engaging apps that your users will love.

Best practices & tools

This includes writing testable & maintainable code using the best tools available — we highly rely on Typescript, Jest & Detox to know that our app behaves as our Client and users expect.

Reviewing as a standard

We comply with industry standards basing on tools like ESLint and Prettier, but we know they do not apply to all of the problems we experience in development — that's why we always have at least one additional pair of eyeballs reviewing the work done.

Flexible workflow

You have an existing web application and want to create a mobile one? We can reuse parts of your existing codebase to make your app faster!

Why use React Native in web app development?

Battle-tested framework

React Native is a battle-tested framework for building mobile apps. Provides best practises in building applications from web to native mobile environment. Makes us possible to move much faster having only one codebase for two main platforms — iOS & Android. Need some pure native solution in a critical path in an application? Native Module to the rescue - you can always switch to a fully native solution if there’s a need — no need to worry that framework is limiting application functions.

Super-fast mobile app development

React & React Native is also getting improved every day and we can all contribute to its development. Since our team is a group of highly intelligent and creative individuals with strong technical skills who are all about building great products, we needed a tool to allow them to build the products quickly and efficiently. And with React Native they can do just that. It’s a declarative, component-based library for building beautiful and responsive applications. Just what the doctor ordered.

Huge brands use React Native

Still on the fence? Don’t take our word for it: there are many successful apps built with React Native, such as Instagram, Netflix, AirBnB and more. It’s a proven, mature and time-tested technology. It makes writing code easier and it’s extremely efficient.

Want to know more about React Native?

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework for building Android and iOS applications. It’s based on the most popular and widely used library for building user interfaces — React.js. Its declarative and component-based approach makes it perfect for designing even complex front-end applications: you create small building blocks, which you then use to make slightly larger building blocks, and so on, until one day you wake up and you have an app. This makes React very scalable and developer friendly.

React & React Native have the backing of a real tech giant: they were developed by Facebook, initially for their own use. They have a huge ecosystem, with tools and additional libraries for any occasion. If you want to do something, chances are there is a React tool for it, speeding up the development process and making everyone’s life easier.

React Native shares the same maxim with its big brother, React.js: ,,Learn once, write anywhere'' despite small differences on platforms such as iOS and Android, we believe that they are also ,,Learn once, write once'' frameworks. It allows us to reuse the same core business logic, despite the platform, nevertheless it provides us a way to apply UX specific to the platform when It's needed.

What can you build in React Native?

React at its core is platform-independent — most commonly used for web development with React.js and mobile with React Native, although there are existing forks for using it for building native Windows & Mac applications. There is even a fork for building VR experiences with React-360. All that is an indication that React is flexible enough to provide a way to code user interfaces on all of the major platforms using same principles. What is most important to us, is that the coding for the developer is a breeze too — 74.5% responders of a Stack-overflow survey in 2019 said that React is their most loved framework. We agree with that statement and count heavily on React.