Looking for a React development company?

We are your trusted and battle-tested Partner

Why our React team is so happy and extremely efficient?

We care for our Clients as well as for our people. Over the last few years, we've created an excellent environment and workflows for fast and efficient development, not only for digital products, but also our teams!

Proven deployment workflow

We build innovative, user-centric products using cutting-edge frameworks and architectures. We then deploy them to highly scalable, cloud-powered environments, thereby ensuring stability.

Best development workflow practices

We start with understanding the problem and gathering requirements, we design the database structure and API, and then we plan how to integrate new features (microservice or an integrated part of the app). Automated tests, coding and code reviews are our everyday life.

Focus on talent growth

We let our React developers grow by focusing on both hard and soft skills. We have built a talent management programme, tailored to each seniority level. We believe in constant mentoring of all employees, regardless of their role, and a right team structure with highly-educated leaders.

War-proven React developers

We can provide you with a highly-skilled and dedicated React team that is 100% focused on your product. All of our React developers went through an exhaustive hiring process and have been tested on previous projects.

We ensure code quality by using the best development practices such as CI/CD, code reviews, pair programming, TDD (test driven development), regular refactoring and a single coding standard, to which all programmers adhere.

Hire top 5% React developer or make it a team!

We are not an ordinary React development company — during our work we’ve established a set of good practices and tooling that stood the test of time, and we’ve combined them to create a company boilerplate that we use to kickstart new projects, facilitating and speeding up the development process.

Best practices & tools

These tools include the latest and greatest industry standards, such as Typescript, MobX, Formik, Styled Components.

Coding standard

We are also strong believers in code review — every single line of code we write has to be double-checked by at least one additional pair of eyeballs, or it never makes it to the project.

Flexible workflow

That being said, our React development team is very flexible — if you have your own set of established practices and tools, we will adjust our workflow to suit your needs.

Why use React in web app development?

Scalable, flexible and solid

Everyone needs a JavaScript library for building user interfaces at some point in their lives. Today it seems that a new JavaScript library is born every second, and the proliferation of this.js and that.js can make the choice overwhelming. But for us, the choice is easy. React is fast, scalable, modular, flexible.

Beautiful & quickly developed applications

React is also getting improved every day and we can all contribute to its development. Since our team is a group of highly intelligent and creative individuals, with strong technical skills, who are all about building great products, we needed a tool to allow them to build the products quickly and efficiently. And with React, they can do just that. It’s a declarative, component-based library for building beautiful and responsive applications. Just what the doctor ordered.

Huge brands use React

Still on the fence? Don’t take our word for it: there are many successful apps built with React, such as Instagram, Netflix, AirBnB and more. It’s a proven, mature and time-tested technology. It makes writing code easier and it’s extremely efficient.

Want to know more about React?

What is React?

React.js is the most popular and widely used JavaScript framework/library for creating fast, responsive and dynamic user interfaces. Its declarative and component-based approach makes it perfect for designing even complex front-end applications: you create small building blocks, which you then use to make slightly larger building blocks, and so on, until one day you wake up and you have an app. This makes React very scalable and developer friendly.

React has the backing of a real tech giant: it was developed by Facebook, initially for their own use. It has a huge ecosystem, with tools and additional libraries for any occasion. If you want to do something, chances are there is a React tool for it, speeding up the development process and making everyone’s life easier.

But wait! There’s more! React’s secret weapon, its ace in the sleeve, is that the core of the library is platform-independent. The base is React DOM, which is used to develop for the web, but there is also React Native, used to develop native mobile applications, and, since the technology is evolving very rapidly, who’s to say that in the future there won’t be React Dishwasher or React Space Shuttle?

What can you build in React?

React can be used to develop front-end user interfaces for applications of any size and scope. This includes web apps, desktop apps (with the aid of technologies such as Electron), mobile apps (with React Native) as well as static websites (with the use of static site generators such as Gatsby).

React has a very large community of developers who make all kinds of additional useful tools, so no matter what type of UI element you want to use, there is most likely a tool for it. Carousels, sliders, lightboxes, modals, entire libraries of components, you name it — React’s got you covered. This speeds up prototyping and development processes immensely, and makes React a pleasure to work with.

React is also very fast. It virtualizes the contents of the visible UI, and therefore when a change is made, it is first made in the virtual representation of the app, and then only the smallest necessary fraction of the entire UI is updated to make the change visible. It’s also very easy to make progressive web apps with React - these are web apps that work and feel just like native apps and can access many features of your device that a native app can, such as the camera, gyroscope or GPS. All that makes React applications very smooth, fast, responsive and fluid, which enhances user experience.